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Do our students feel safe at school?

National Data Students who missed school in the last 30 days because they did not feel safe: All: 7.1% African American: 7.9% Hispanic: 9.8% White: 5.6% And […]

Is student discipline an issue?

National Data According to the federal Office for Civil Rights, 1.9 million students (3.8 percent) were suspended from school once in the 2011-2012 school year. Of these students: 33 percent of African American students […]

Is student attendance an issue?

National Data According to an analysis of the 2004 Schools and Staffing Survey by the Center for Public Education, 45 percent of teachers report that student absenteeism […]

How large are our schools?

National Data According to the Department of Education’s Digest of Education Statistics  for 2011-2012, 68.11 percent of students are enrolled in secondary schools with 799 students or less.   […]