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Assessment 101

Local school board members are a key link between school districts and communities. They represent public concerns around testing and can hold district officials accountable. Given the critical role that local school boards play, Achieve and the National School Boards Association have developed “Assessment 101” resources for school board members.

Making Time

Restructured, expanded or constrained, the issue of time is a constant presence in any effort to improve student and school performance. But for time to work for, and not against, educators’ efforts, proper thought and attention must be paid to its purpose. This video explains why.

Is It Worth It

What’s an education worth? How do you quantify the value of schooling? Weighty and subjective, these are the types of questions the Center for Public Education attempted to answer, with data, in the following video.

Why school climate is important

Successful schools make students feel welcome, academically engaged and supported by the adults in the building. Considering the school climate of your schools is as important as examining student scores and graduation rates because a healthy environment can have a tremendous impact on student achievement.

Guiding questions

Whenever we look at data, we're really asking one main question: "How are we doing?" Ever thought, "...compared to what?" Here are three questions you can ask whenever you look at data.

The data cycle

Data is just a bunch of numbers until you use it correctly. The "data cycle" we teach in Data First training turns data from a bunch of numbers into the reasons behind school improvement.

Graduation rates

One thing we all agree on: we want all students to graduate. The problem is, reported graduation rates vary widely. We explain why -- and how to go behind the numbers to understand the whole picture.


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