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Find out how to get in-depth Data First training in your state!

Data First for Governance is in-depth training in data use specifically for school board members and is offered through participating state school board associations. The face-to-face training is designed to help school boards use data effectively in their governance role. There are three separate units available for full board training:

Building the foundation: provides a few easy-to-understand lessons in ways to interpret and communicate school data, and explores how school boards can set data-based policies that are likely to get the most return on investment in terms of higher student achievement.

Teacher quality and distribution: explores data and policies to help boards assure all students have access to highly effective teachers.

High school and beyond: examines data and policies aimed at making sure all students graduate with a diploma that prepares them for success after high school.

Interested school board members can contact the following state school board associations to find out about the availability of different Data First units in your state:

Alabama Association of School Boards

California School Boards Association

Illinois Association of School Boards

Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Inc.

Michigan Association of School Boards

Montana School Boards Association

Ohio School Boards Association

Oklahoma State School Boards Association

Washington State School Directors’ Association

and more to come!